Renting tips for students in the Netherlands | Part 1/3

Are you a student moving to the Netherlands soon for your studies? If you are in the process of looking for suitable accommodation, this video will hopefully give you some quick tips and tricks. This is the first video of a 3-part series that discusses the rental market in NL.

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Time Stamps:
1:38 — Considering your lifestyle and expectations
2:00 — Lack of traditional campus life with on-campus living
2:37 — Typical dorm room rental set-up
3:13 — Student Allowance (link below for more information)
3:54 — TIP: Popular websites are too competitive
4:38 — Rental Agencies
5:10 — Read your contract with care
5:44 — Check the inventory
6:16 — Report missing items
6:27 — Check for general damages
6:49 — Are bills included in the rent price?

Useful websites for student rentals:‎

Make sure to double-check before renting if you can register at the address. If you cannot register you might not be eligible for the student allowance.

If you are looking for housing via Facebook groups or the Marketplace, watch out for possible scams. If the offer seems too good to be true, it often is.

If you want more information about the student allowance, check:

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See you in the next episode!